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SHAQUILLE O'NEAL - Don't Wanna Be Alone Lyrics

(feat. One Accord)

[Intro: Frank D, Shaq]

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
here we go again
Team Twism
Big Shaq
and fo' bad brothers from New York
big guy, let us know who's next

Big Shaq
One Accord
to all the lovely ladies
check it

[Chorus: One Accord]

I don't wanna be alone
no no no
I can't let you go
I won't let you go

[Verse 1: One Accord]

thinking back
to when we first met
your pretty brown eyes
now how could I forget
that day when you caught my eye
ooh girl you were looking so fly
baby I don't wanna lose your love


[Verse 2: One Accord]

can't you see
just what you mean to me
you're every little thing
a man could ever need
the way you wear your hair
the stylish clothes you wear
it really turns me on
and I don't wanna be alone


[Verse 3: Shaq]

I got everything I want in this world except you
mansions, villas and yacths, and friends won't do
I see you not amazed by my wealth and it's cool
my family, yo they be sayin' that you play me for a fool
so what a playa do? give it up for a sis
cause you my dime you shine more than this joint on my wrist
L.A., me and you the whole world's at my feet
with you at my side my whole life is complete


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