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Che'nelle - Teach Me How To Dance Lyrics

could ya could ya couldya teach me x2

verse 1

straight up do u hav rythmn underneath your feet,
does the beat flow through that fine body do u enjoy sweatin out like me

wow, did u jus bust that move freestylin,
do u do much choreographin your wildin out boy great timing ,
ha i like a man who can dance

pre chorus

show me how u shake it, twist it like your breakin
pop it like yr bones are disllocatetd
grind me like yr horny, turn me round slowly
drop me to the floor and pull me up again honey (x2)


u rockin it swingin it bangin it, teach me how ta
step n flow, how to roll boy if u could teach me howta dance

could ya could ya could ya teach me
teach me how ta
could ya could ya could ya teach me
teach me how ta dance

uh uh uh uh uh ye uh uh uh uh HA
uh uh uh uh ye uh uh uh uh LISTEN

Verse 2

excuse me while i check out yr style
u move so good all i could do is sigh
ur makin me start to fantasize

oh is it tru if a guy can really move
they use it jus as good in the bedroom
oops didnt mean to come across so rude ooh

Pre Chorus


let me get ur number please
i dont care if theres a fee
book me now i really need u to teach me how to dance

we can keep it strictly business
one on one i'll bring a witness
i jus wanna work on ma fitness

so teach me

Chorus repeat

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