ROY JONES, JR. - Go Hard, Go Home Lyrics

Go hard nigga or go home nigga
Go hard nigga or go home nigga
Go hard nigga or go home nigga
Go hard nigga or go home nigga

[Verse 1: GIZ]
Go hard or go home is the motto this year
See the game don't wait
Ain't no time for fear
A lot of niggas gonna hate when they get left in the rear
But scared money don't make money, that's just how I feel
A lot of people be like Giz how you get that deal
It didn't happen over night had to be patient you hear
Well there's a lot of other niggas with some banging CD's
But they still ain't fucking with G.I.Z let me tell you
A lot of niggas tryin’ to be like me but it's hard
And every chance I get I pull they card
I ain't gotta try hard to spit game at ya'll niggas
Keep talking slick I'm a take aim at ya'll niggas
Ya'll a bust in the air
Scream lets take it to war only got seventeen shots
I got about eighty more
Ten is goin’ through you the other ten in your home
Twenty is spitting at your crew the rest I save for the law

Hook x2

[Verse 2: Roy Jones Jr]
See, when I step up in this motherfucker I bring that fire
I'm real about my shit nigga, this ain't work for hire
Drop a cannon on your head while I shit in your ear
If you ain't coming for no trouble why the fuck are you here?
I sneak up on your ass and treat your ass like a stranger
Hit you with two shots, body head bitch I'm a banger
Streetballers, they off the hook with no hanger
Put your life in danger, bitch that's what I came for
The murderers I know you heard of us, you're so hurt of us
Now we're coming out and motherfuckers getting scared of us
Ain't look back off these platinum bloods
Misery loves company so now they're mad at us
Since we tripping out , we done made the move
Unless you want a paint job we can spray your crew
Way to do is like my nigga John just said
IF you ain't going hard get your bitch ass to bed

Hook: x2

[Verse 3: Swellz]
I don't give a fuck who you go and get
I ain't running or hiding
I done had it I'm clappin the iron
Who you ice grillin' why is you eyeing
It's nothin to me you little niggas
Can't collide with a giant
You hard headed with fucks so defiant
You think it's sweet we hold heat
Don't try us
My weight up like the kid
Pump iron if I squeeze enemies better duck
Or they dyin’, dyin’ dats my word
On my seeds yeah
I mean that for my youngins I'll do life in da bing
Scrap and fuck niggas
I don't got no friends just associates
I keep them a distance that's appropriate
Enter my zone a get you cracked maybe choked a bit
Snap till you motionless beat you with a bat till it's cracked
And I broke the shit if this weak
You want to act then approach
And get clapped when the toaster spit

Hook x 2

[verse 4 : Security]
Man no one hold me back let me jump in this bitch
Me and my clique got some money and we drunk in this bitch
Freeballers head I know you heard about
On top we representing for that dirty south
If you was a G’ you would have squeezed the grip, but you a ho
Your real name should have been plead the fifth
And I'm coming for your throat and your neck
And I ain’t trippin’ on money
Cause Roy Jones done wrote me a check
I'm representing for New Orleans everybody stand up
Hangin’ from the dirty South even throw your hands up
Holy gals for my youngers, my homies are yellin’
When they see me in person ho's wanna get married
And I beat my heat a homie we married
And especially for you the haters,
Run the 5th you wanna get buried,
Fellas 6 in the deck, Nigga spill me out
Go hard or go home, nigga hear me now!

Thanks to Random_cheez_eater for correcting these lyrics

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