RBX - Heatmizer Lyrics

The X
Lighting a Jay Sound
The X

[Chorus: x2]
The heatmizer
Ram flizer
We'll battle any rapper no matter the sizer
Grill on the gizer
They all diezer

I took the hook from macey
And cook and shook the whole placey
Come to rap like cagney hes a lacey
1 2 3 4 count like basey
You'll loose your facey
I manefest more than manofesto presto
You'll hit with the L flow
I buy and house you like escro
I keep the L rhyme lizard
I'm the wizard you the scarecrow
And if you only had a mother fucking heart
It still wouldn't matter my datter ripp you a natter, man
Fry the whole god damn platter
The one word i use to describe your action would be scatter
Simply dash away or get fryed like diamonds hittel way HOT!
Now heres the brand new plot
A contest is just one way to stop a blood clot
We bring the new
You shall feel the heat as the mizer shine through
The heatmizer
Ram flizer

And as the temperature swells to more than 7000 degree farenheight
You shall be burned in an instant, death by fire

[Chorus x2]

As we saturate your state
That will elevate your hate
To elaborate i'm great
To adjetate is fate
That what you conversate is dense as fate law
As we forecast no flaw
Intensly battle ready like quick draw magraugh
And cartoon characters shall be left suspended in animation
For such fraud perpertation UH!
We wet the whole nation, Done
Now splash we flash to be one Hot!
Hydro spills lick shot the one you catch wheather there be no getter
From the funken drunken monkey technique thats our freedom
From the funken drunken monkey technique kingdom
And i'll be the mayor the call me geurilla
I'm a brother mother illa battle ready like tilla
Gee if you got beef i got barbeque grilla
Cut you like the fog day one by day one
Time to repent sentence of fury
Repeating a storm
Conjurary top the norm
By this one it will form
Fit to do harm
None because you knew you brought your lucky charm
For the five fractions
My nuclear reaction blows up
Like Travolta its a running bad global
Indeed the heat from the mizer
Hear me now


The heat from the mizer and it shall burn to the death
The X
The X
The X

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