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RBX - Fightin' The Devil Lyrics

I go for self until death, no breath left
The physical shell lays dormant
Third eye continues to read the menu of life
Should I order seven years of this?
This ain't bliss this is purgatory
A 9 millimeter is mandatory
A devil cannot tell the story
Let him step cause he will get gory
Third eye philosophy the untold truth
A house full of lies knowledge burns the roof
The walls come tumbling down with a fizzle
As I chill and watch the beast sizzle
Now the lighter breed claims to be dominant
Actual you fact you need to be black
When I step the ground vibrate
Stakes are all around me 7 to the rescue
Then the Grim Reaper pursues
But I'm 5 percent better so he's left in a tailspin
Guess who wins again
He's not at my level everyday I fight a devil

Daily I awake to fight a devil
It's grim for Allah then I grab a shovel
To bury a devil cause you can't cremate 'em
In the form of a pig I never ate 'em.
Dominant black with a mind and I find
That I'm 7 with the strength of 11.
Caucasians and asians to persuasion
You wanna bump then feel the abrasion, Friction.
I don't bust fiction but fact my diciton is a crucifixion
Black, black through the skin
Black through the blood
Black through the chromosome
Black to the bone
Black's well known by the Klan
Like Ice Cube said I am most wanted man
But I don't run with a bounty on my head
I do the knowledge instead

Back to the battle of the beast
Mr. six sixty six as he feast on a pig
I am seven fifteen four
the width of my circumference is universal
Life is just a rehearsal, like a play on a stage
Mental in a physical cage
My mind rolled to a 7th level
Grab my boozaka and nuke a devil
My attribute a salute of fact
I'm absolute in the day I am black
Black I ill for black is real
I'm black until for black I will
With black I build for black I kill
As I said before he's not at my level every day I fight a devil

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