RBX - A.W.O.L. Lyrics

Doc-tor Dre, do you remember you was broke
and the whole rap industry thought ya was a joke?
Me, D.O.C., and D.O.G., sat and made
lyrics to replenish your name like Gatorade
But you got thirsty for the money! Punk
and disrespect the three that put ya back up on it
Always talkin bout, your word good as gold
Wash, fold, put it out to dry, cause you lie
I put that on my momma and my mate
and if I'm makin this up, let my momma head lay
So fool you know I'm comin on the rizzeal
The way you played me, you deserve a smack to Brazil
ILL, the way you played your brother Warren G
You best to check yourself, next time you talk about Ea-zy
?Stip Wometn? the new Jerry Heller
Dre's the company, so to me, he like Eazy
Snoop D-O-G, is like the old D.O.C.
Puttin all work, gettin all jerked
Does that make me Ice Cube of the place, Steady Mobbin
while Dre (Death Row) steady robbin? Ohh
And what, fool, steady squabbin?
Dogg Pound givin doubled up on lumps
So here you feel froggy jumps when I rear back
compact glock forty glock dumps
BLAOW, how you like me now?
But it ain't Moe Dee it's me, the X
Now rated RBX, and yo
If you didn't know, escape from Death Row

[Chorus: RBX]

Remember me step in, execution
Remember me I have no remorse
Remember me I'm high, powered
Remember me I drop bombs like Hiroshima!
(RBX is A.W.O.L.) I drop bombs like Hiroshima! [x2]
[cutting and scratching of Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy":]
'And if ya don't know... and if ya...
And if ya don't know, now you know, nigga'

I killed him too quick to fuckin think about it
RBXtra, Xtra, read about it
Tell me what ya thought fool, huh, what?
Now I'm pissed off in all black in the cut
Fool walks by, eh-heh, BOOM!
Cops said I killed him but they can only assume
Never found no damn murder weapon, I'm steppin
X, X, the X
X-con, X-ecution, X mark the spot
Flip it around, and the mark gets shot
And I'm gon take it out with this light it's mighty
across your face, you see the red lights
Now you ain't got no face no more
Bullet, rip that body, tore, collapse
then I kick the tricky raps
X, Xtra, Xtra X-termination
Here is the presentation
Haven't you ever heard of a killer?
Killer killer illa, like Magilla Gorilla illa
then deadly medly murder with a pen
And you can't cross out a X, nigga
Got my itchy itchy finger on the trigga
BUST, bodybag, and crush
Trust, flush, down the toilet
In other words you ain't shit
You be talkin that ill, you ain't a killa for real, really doe
I know, and now I let you know (busta!)
RBX is A.W.O.L., escape from Death Row

[Chorus + 2 extra "drop bombs"]

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