RASHEED - Children Lyrics

[Rasheed talking to his kids]

[Verse 1]

Remember back in the day
Parents givin us a thrashin
Diggin in that ass like its some kind of passion
And now I understand why
Just watchin my children growin up
Make a hustler wanna cry
Cause everything weve been through
They must experience
Will they learn the hard way?
Or come up with common sense
But what about the baby lyin lonely in the dumpster
Never given a chance
Will he be a victim of hunger?
What have I done?
Why am I here?
But little do this baby know
This happens year
Little Ray made it pass the pacifier
Now he a passive liar
Smoke fire
A murder for hire
Little John his gang initiation
Findin in the enemy location
Cut em down
One round
Soldier got his stripes
Comrades hype
Hopin and dreamin to sterotype
Undercovers penetrated the G cult
Caught a youngster
Trailed him as an adult
Now he doinlife
Young flesh turned fool
This is the world through the eyes of a child

[Rasheed talking to his kids]

[Verse 2]

Ever wonder why you keep finding Barbie dolls dismantled?
Cause your husband got his step-daughter watchin the porno channel
Touchin her in a way
To 10 years she rather live her life gay
You call your son stupid
Then he gone think he stupid
Put that word in his head
And his brain will loop it
Over and over till he find love in this wicked world
Left home in search of diamonds and pearls
Heart in a twirl
Met a girl
Put his mind in a swirl
But no one gave a referal to her husband Mr. Earl
Caught him early in the mornin
Lookin at this young punk
Heart couldnt take it
Suffocated em put him in a trunk
Wife kept quiet
World I beg your pardon
But thats why so many of our babies endin up on milk cartons
I hold my babies with the grip of a anaconda
Stare at em closely
Put the emotions inside my binder

[Rasheed talking to his kids]

[Verse 3]

I wrote this outta love for the kids of the Earth
Surfin this tough turf
For what its worth
To all the new born
I give my soul for the Lord to bless
And to all my homies with infants up in this wickedness
Birth control
The worst control miscarriage
No lullabies
Unborn babies in disparage
Let the semen enter the center inside the placenta
When the child is born
Watch him grow to anos cescenta
60 years but I will live to see it
I made this tape for planet
If it happen so be it
Baby Bambinos to Godfathers
If I lose my faith
I lose my space
Never misuse my pistol on my waist
My little nephew tears in eyes askin me why
His best friend makin bullets fly

[Rasheed talking to his kids]

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