4Th Avenue Jones

4Th Avenue Jones - Rush

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What I buss is for the ghetto What I buss is third world What I buss is bald head or locked It ain't that Jerry Curl I don't buss for pimp juice I don't buss that watered down I don't buss that Sambo my grand folks wore a crown What I buss is revolution What I buss is full of life What I buss is for my people, me, my baby, and my wife I don't be with fakes or lames I won't leave my faith for fame I don't need no Jacob chain You gon' see me change the game Rush Hurry Run by those People as they lay On side walks Look at them with disdain And when their voices call You just ignore them all A thousand times a day CHORUS You get paid, people slave, then you take more A thousand times a day So afraid of the grave, that you make war A thousand times a day You're enraged, full of hate, murder rates soar A thousand times a day I know you scared of us Wanna stay ahead of us I know you scared of us Rush Rush Hurry Join the side show Circus the charade Behind those Animals encaged And when your name is called Dance for us all A thousand times a day REPEAT CHORUS You rush to get to the top So you clawing away You rush to get to that job you hate more every day You rush to pick up your order Rush to eat but you tired Rush to get you a quarter Fore' your meter expire You rush to give him them drawz Cause' he rushed you to hit it You did it Now y'all fussing while you rush to the clinic Come on rush Hurry up no time to play Rushing is on your mind but hey Don't worry yourself grind away Rush one thousand times a day

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