4Th Avenue Jones

4Th Avenue Jones - Move on

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[Verse 1: Tena singing]

I'm getting tired of games

Look at you, a year and a half and you still ain't changed

So I'm out the door

Why you acting like I'm saying something I ain't never said before

When I block the phone

Don't be looking for me at my momma's, leave me alone

I'm sick of you

And all of this drama you putting me through


If he, really wanna be with me

We can start a family

If not then brother move on, move on, just go away

'Cause I ain't got time to play

Working nine to five all day

Know what you can move on, just move on

Don't be coming with no drama, don't be coming with that

Don't be coming with no drama, don't be coming with that

Don't be coming with no drama, don't be coming with that

Move on, keep movin' on

[Verse 2: Tena rapping]

I can't believe you got me feelin' this way

Brother it's not alright, but ya it's OK

Now I be leaving, I be moving away

Don't talk about it, prove it to me to stay

I had to pray when I was hoping to get back with you too

But you ain't ready on the regular be acting a fool

Like confetti in the wind would wherever you blew

But now I'm tired and too old pretend ...

[Verse 3: Ahmad]

You don't understand that bust on line for line

On fam packin ol' timer rappers, if front of me shining

trying to catch them from behind and

It's TRUE, no man's an island

So I'm THROUGH clubbin' and wilin'

No running from commitment, try to do four minute mile now

With you I'm always smilin

Because I love a challenge

You gray girl let me smother you with colour from my pallette

You say I'm trippin' be thinkin' I be talkin' smack

But if I walk out the door baby I won't come back

How many times I done put up with your whinin' ho?

Girl if you don't appreciate me I'mma find someone

I'm always real with it, you know I ain't trying to play

You feelin' me, all my homies say ...


[Verse 4: Jabu]

Your mama lookin' at me like (kiss teeth)

What my daughter see in this

Dreadlock captain always have me like I'm being frisked

Bought me a new car, you bang the keys like a pianist

Your mama say she hate it, then why she always be in it?

Plushy in my BM, why I dress this way

Had to tell her Jab rocks like "I'm Shante"

Plus I love your daughter, I treat her like she Nephertiti

And she never needy and she ain't ask me what I bought her

Kinda homey 'cause her moms

was lonely when Pops jetted

The only thing I'm leaving is this podium hot, get it?

So hold tight, no time for pressure play the zone

I'm sure you know I love you, but I heard you on the phone

You said ...


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