4Th Avenue Jones

4Th Avenue Jones - It'S Over Now

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I want some Brand Nubian Pac and Rakim Biggie, Nas Really don't make emcees like they used to Freestyle Fellowship D.O.C, Pharaoh Monch Jay, Ahmad, and Thought from the Roots crew That's a hood who's who Now what you dudes do Make a wack album Pay Lil Jon do two Dope beats for the streets to introduce you But you weak We know he got heat, what you do? Sick of hype Homie is you tight or boo boo I'm precise with mine dun diced a few fools Got stripes for serving on mics you new to From the Life where if you ain't nice we boo you Boo hoo go head cry if you wanna What you got's not hot they rock mine every corner Homie can't see me if he try he a goner Plus he must be smoking that Thai marijuana CHORUS It's over now I told y'all it's over now We off in them Range Rovers now It won't stop but it's over now It's Over Now I told y'all it's over now We got money to fold up now It don't stop but it's over now Ahmad's going through a carpenter phase Carving up stages And mics with tight rhymes sharper than razors Fools talk so often I'm made to Defeat these MC's in 3's Like Stojakovic, Peja See whatever you got and I'll raise ya Man who you kidding Poppin' your lip then hit me back when I page ya With it whenever whatever I'm too clever you'll never Do nothing to my crew ever We heavyweights to you feathers Paragraphs to letters We the Jag's you Jetta's You backspins we more advanced like Capoeira Avenue band stands apart where fans set us Y'all loose We tighter than Bruce Bruce's sweaters Rocked with top sellers So hot they got jealous Haters pop a lot we not gon' stop fellas Every rhyme's divine we shine cause' God let us Grindin' till we platinum lying in Barbados REPEAT CHORUS

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