4Th Avenue Jones

4Th Avenue Jones - Caesar

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Caesar I wanna see ya, we scared of police not North Korea I sweat and bleed working' to feed mi familia Wear a jacket every day full metal, I'm from the ghetto Where teens forced to settle so they scream like a kettle Gang bang and exchange drugs they try to peddle Lost love from living' as thugs since they was little Go to the Sire tell him we bringing' his empire down When my Messiah returns he's gonna try ya Every liar will perish in lakes burning with fire Murdering thieves how much peace does money buy'ya Let's educate the homies cause the game has changed Instead of wrists they making' sure our brains are chained Let's reminisce, how many of us hanged and slain And now we pimp our women as a claim to fame You're just a puppet Dumb Elmo playing with flames These are the last days and it's finna rain That's why they entertain us Everybody loves ya when you're famous Hating everybody else who ain't us All we want is more Overlooking poor people in anguish Dollars are the universal language I want to see Caesar

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