4FT FINGERS - Walk Away

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Take a minute to think<br>

Sit down and pour yourself a drink<br>

You know what is ahead it isn't easy has to be said.<br>


Even though it wasn't anything but perfect<br>

You wouldn't give up on me<br>

We knew the time was coming where<br>

You would be walking away<br>


Never did I see a frown, never did I see a tear,<br>

I'll be without you for ever more my dear<br>

Walk away, Hand in hand<br>

Try to think about me<br>

Whilst you're gone.<br>


But u put my feelings in a place for all to see<br>

And I'm glad I'm living now for me<br>



Living each day as it comes<br>

And that's a hard thing to do<br>

All I can say is that I'll miss you<br>

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