4FT FINGERS - Unite Or Fall

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There's a million and one reasons to be here<br>

And you're just one of them<br>

Taking everything you can for yourself<br>

For once I wish you'd just own up and help me out<br>

But you've got other ideas no doubt<br>

Unite or fall<br>


You can go through the whole of your life<br>

Thinking you're completely on your own<br>

Feel rejected and frustrated<br>

With no place to call your own<br>

Every soul for itself<br>

But where did it all go so wrong?<br>


Never say never, unite or fall together<br>

Lend a hand to your fellow man (unite or fall)<br>


With every new day comes a breath of fresh air<br>

But some people in this world are meant to pay for it<br>

And that ain't fair<br>

We are the next generation<br>

So stick together<br>

Where did it all go so wrong?<br>


Stand together, now and until forever<br>

Unite or fall to one and all<br>

Unite or fall<br>

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