4FT FINGERS - Stand My Ground

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My feet and hands are tied again<br>

I can't escape my fear again<br>

I'm trying all I can just to step away<br>

But it's never quite as easy, or that simple<br>

Temptation beats the better man every single time<br>

Crash and burn<br>

The ride of my life is going down<br>

But I will stay here and stand my ground<br>

I now longer want this with or without you<br>

I will stand my ground, you're left to look a fool<br>


This time you say, "Things will change"<br>

My moods are turning and I'm feeling pretty strange<br>

The drugs don't ever help me<br>

What can I do?<br>

I've got to see what life would be without the hit of you<br>


Stand my ground<br>

You're the fool<br>

I will stand my ground<br>

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