4FT FINGERS - Slowly Sinking

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If I had a choice I'd say<br>

fuck parliament off from today<br>

we are the ones who say the government's a joke<br>

I hope all the MP's choke<br>


I don't want to be<br>

part of this fucked up society<br>

rules past on to us by liars<br>

just to fuel their fires<br>


parliament is slowly sinking<br>

like quick sand it's just a matter of time<br>

kept on a short lead like collars round our throats<br>

it's getting hard to breath but it's them that<br>

I hope that choke<br>


it's time to take a stand and that is what we'll do<br>

burn that house of commons downs so no one will be<br>

watching over you<br>

big brother's looking down on you so answer back<br>

with shove your tax<br>

and we'll say in harmony, we have had enough<br>


they'll say what you want to hear just for a vote<br>

your not a human being your just a number to them<br>

told where to go like a train running on the track<br>

lets de-rail we'll never turn our backs<br>

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