4FT FINGERS - Side By Side

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We've stayed so strong for so long<br>

So this is why we wrote this song<br>

A message to you from me<br>

Bet you can appreciate<br>

A friend in need is a friend indeed<br>

So many changes but that's alright by me<br>

I'll just bite my tongue and carry one<br>

Like nothing's ever happened<br>

Side by side<br>


You think you've got the best of it<br>

There's so much more<br>

I can really taste it<br>

Just jump right in, I know you can't swim<br>

But I'll be there, like a prayer for a sin<br>

Side by side<br>


I never knew how much work could be involved<br>

But as a friend believe in what you're told<br>

Together side by side<br>

Forever side by side<br>

The better days are on their way<br>

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