4FT FINGERS - Sense Of Direction

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Did you ever have something<br>

that you wanted to say<br>

never had the guts to speak your mind<br>

and have it any other way<br>

I don't know I was told and this is sound advice<br>

get a beer down your neck and this is what we say<br>

I don't need it don't fucking make me<br>

I don't need it, I can't stand it None of us need it<br>

- Drink a bit more beer And this is what we'll say<br>

I don't give a fuck This is what we say<br>

Is there something you needed to do and now's the time<br>

Save courage up and use that line<br>

And every single day this is the time today<br>

All together, THIS IS WHAT WE SAY!<br>

LA, LA, LA, LA, LA<br>

LA, LA, LA, LA, LA<br>


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