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Sometimes I wanna go home, but not home alone<br>

Calling all my single friends on the telephone<br>

I know for sure when i get a few drinks down me<br>

I'll be doing crazy shit for everyone to see<br>

And I'll say, the DJ will play my song<br>

All my friends went back home<br>

Won't you play that song I'm stood all alone<br>

Play my song<br>

Is it Friday or Saturday I just do not know<br>

Please just play the song<br>

The chances of playing it are so low<br>

Seems like I've been wating for so long<br>

With the beer here there's no fear of being lame<br>

And nothing around me ever seems to be the same<br>

Fumbling and stubling well that's just me<br>

Get back to the house and where's my fucking keys<br>

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