4FT FINGERS - Learn To Survive

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I don't know what I've been told<br>

I was shoved into this fucked up world<br>

can you help me out<br>

then I'll tell you chats it all about<br>

I'm stood out here all alone<br>

all I want is to get back home<br>

send some help for me<br>

can you hear my desperate pleas<br>


Its all gone wrong its been like this far too long<br>

I just need a place to lie my head<br>

I wont forget those words that you said<br>

you'll some day meet a bitter end<br>


Just learn to survive<br>

I'll never run and hide<br>

but all the pains inside<br>

and I'm left to survive<br>


Why the pain and suffering<br>

do you not think I miss something<br>

my hopes and all my dreams<br>

'N' all lives such essential scenes<br>

not much to me but its far to late<br>

just survive until i meet my fate<br>


In all the world of places to be<br>

why should it be left to me<br>

i'll contemplate my future years<br>

just growing old is my only fear<br>

there's nothing wrong with being this way<br>

nothing will change, no matter what-you-say<br>

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