4FT FINGERS - Killing Time

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Killing time with you is nothing new<br>

Listen to you dribble on without a fucking clue<br>

All my friends are away<br>

So I'll hang with you just for today<br>


I'm just killing time with you<br>

I'm so sorry to do this to you<br>

But I've got better things to do<br>

Than hang around and killing time with you<br>


Hang around until I see a real friend<br>

Even if I look interested it's just for pretend<br>

get me into a film that's slightly blue<br>

After all today I'm just killing time with you<br>


You're OK I guess you bore me to death<br>

So shut the fuck up already and give it a rest<br>

Come right over, drink your beer<br>

and look at your porno magazines<br>

And in return I'll teach you about<br>

the PUNKROCK scene<br>

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