4FT FINGERS - Head Held High

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I've searched for myself a thousand times before<br>

And everytime I look<br>

I'm a little more lost than the time before<br>

I never fit in there's a misfit within<br>

And I'm pretty sure I'll never find my confidence again<br>


From now on in I'll try to <br>

Hold my head up high<br>

It ain't the easiest thing to do<br>

But I'll try<br>

One thousand times a day<br>

I'm so lost in one hundred ways<br>

Gotta get a grip on my life (in this world)<br>

I've never found in life exactly what I'm looking for<br>

And everytime I look<br>

I'm a little more confused than the time before<br>

Fighting all my failures, and all my frustrations<br>

You never help the intensifying situations<br>


Hold your head up high<br>

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