4FT FINGERS - Goodbye, Good Luck

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We'd been together for so long<br>

almost fright from the start<br>

became a bullshit unit and become one<br>

so close to me you actually broke my heart<br>


But thank you and good bye<br>

I was never that better guy<br>

all I wish is good luck<br>

'cos you'll never find a better fuck<br>


Wasting my time with you is all that they said<br>

I finally realised I'd be better off dead<br>

I loved you but it was just a but too much<br>

all the pain I went through just to get to you<br>


Game over, you win<br>

Just Throw my photos in the bin<br>

should of kept this oh so quiet<br>

but for all the years<br>

I was the only protester In our riot<br>

But it's the only way I'll have my say<br>


Game over good bye<br>

see you on the other side<br>

game over good bye<br>

tried so hard to never lie<br>

game over good bye<br>

till the day we die<br>

game over good bye<br>

can never look you in the eye<br>


you'll never find a better fuck<br>

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