4FT FINGERS - Carpe Diem

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They were words that meant the world<br>

A fragile thought that could be shattered<br>

Cling to me for a new direction, the world<br>

A drug of my addiction<br>

I can't blame you don't say you never knew<br>

It was always on the card's<br>

You're not the only one to blame<br>


Attention to everyone who's ever bought me down<br>

I'm leaving you for greener pastures<br>

So fuck you and your shitty town<br>

It's my time to seize the day<br>


Thanks for coming with me the ship has sailed to see<br>

I'm jumping over board so please don't save me<br>

I can't remember if I ever felt this good<br>

It was such a long, long time ago<br>

They all said the answer was at the bottom of the bottle<br>

But no one ever seemed to care<br>


For many years have past<br>

I was fed up of finishing last<br>

And now my life has turned around<br>

Happieness, contentment I have finally found<br>

All because I seized the day<br>

Take no prisoners and you'll win,<br>

I did and got my own way<br>

The grass where I stood has died<br>

Greener pastures I said, is where I'll head<br>


I did it all because I was pissed of going nowhere<br>

So I trod where no man has dared and seized the day<br>


Seize the day...<br>

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