4FT FINGERS - Busted

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Bouncin' down the road<br>

They're always catching out the guys<br>

Big ones, small ones, saggy ones, pert ones<br>

We try so hard to avert our eyes<br>

We marvel at their beauty<br>

And girls can't understand<br>

Our enormous fascination<br>

By these beautiful mammary glands<br>


We are a nation that love's girls breasts<br>

We suck 'um we lick 'um we are obsessed<br>

Big or small we're not fussed<br>

You can't beat a girls juicy bust<br>


I love boobies and I've finally found a pair<br>

No matter how hard I try all I do it stare<br>

what's the deal, tell me girls, with the bra strap<br>

It's stopping me from getting to those cheeky little chaps<br>


As long as there are tits I won't give a shit<br>

Boobs, tits, jugs, breasts how can we fault the female chest<br>


Boobs, tits, jugs, breasts<br>


Tit''s jubilee's and boobies, hoo hoo's<br>

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