4FT FINGERS - Bright Side

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I must admit life don't always go<br>

the way you'd like<br>

Stuck in a never ending circle<br>

But it all comes back to you<br>

So remember to look at the bright side to.<br>

Even if I don't care for you<br>

I must admit it could be worse<br>

You could have been my first<br>


Wake up and look at the bright side<br>

Could be worse could be stuck with you<br>

Wake up and look at the bright side<br>

It's such a lovely day out side<br>


And just when I thought it couldn't get much worse<br>

You ring and tell me you're coming round<br>

I want to hide in a place I can't be found<br>

It could be worse I could be dead<br>


Just gotta look positive<br>

Look at the bright side<br>

Look at the bright side of life<br>

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