4FT FINGERS - Brickwall

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If you want me come and get me<br>

running from reflections of me in you<br>

i sometimes think that you're from a u.f.o<br>

but when it gets here let me know<br>


If I fall please don't catch me<br>

then I won't owe you anything<br>

thats the way that it is after all<br>

we're just staring at the same brickwall<br>


Humiliation was just satisfaction<br>

one day one way and the next another<br>

but at the end of it still stood together<br>

on the phone to the dialing tone<br>


Concave and buckling to the same old line<br>

ashamed of myself for giving in each time<br>

i used to fall but now i stand up tall<br>

i'm quite happy behind this brickwall<br>

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