4FT FINGERS - All Down Hill From Here

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I think of all the good points, but they're out weighed by the bad<br>

Thinking that in 50 years I'll be greay and going mad.<br>

The thought of old timers disease, or dying at night because I freezed<br>

I don't ever wanna be old.<br>


I don't ever wanna fall, down that hill and break my hip<br>

And every time that it gets cold I fall ill<br>

And at least of all, the lame day trips<br>

It's something that scares me it's my deepest and most darkest fear<br>

It's all down hill from here<br>


I don't ever wanna grow old<br>

I wish that never never land was a true place,<br>

Book me a ticket I've got sun cream on my face<br>

Pension day, forgot what day, feeding the ducks is the highlight on my day.<br>

Like a clock that's never wound.<br>

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