Princess Superstar - Too Much Weight Lyrics

(feat. Bahamadia)

[Verse One: Princess Superstar]
Don't censor me I live like a saint
I meditate every morning drink carrot juice I'm hardly late
Try censoring your candidate who gets head under the desk
If that's what you get you can bet I wanna be the next prez
I deserve the best and if you think my lyrics are incendiary
I'll go back to being an insipid secretary
Won't inspire no one, then the world will be safe
I'll just use words to talk about how Microsoft Word is so great
I feel bad that everyone is crazy and kids are smokin crack
I also feel bad that Michael Angelo might have hurt his back
And what if there were no tracts for Shakespeare or wax
For Flash no road for Kerouac
There might not have been rap
Leave us alone make your own family a better place
How much hate could we eliminate if you were down with your kids' mix tapes
It must have been fate that brought me to this game
So let's gain use the platform for something more than Phat Farm
Sing about the Bling Bling Sing to help em outta
Sing Sing turn your beepers off ring ring
I'm getting sicker here's the kicker fuck your Advisory Sticker
I'm advise to stick 'this CD made by Seagram's Liquor'

[Chorus: Princess Superstar (Bahamadia)]
You're puttin too much weight into words (too much weight)
And there's too much hate in this world (too much hate)

[Verse Two: Princess Superstar]
Stop blamin us for all the pain and stuff
Fuck, shit man, it's just a cuss we ain't that dangerous
For every song that supposedly maimed someone's life
There's a million songs that changed someone's life
Change your mind chains in your mind
People dyin gets defined by parents who lie and hurt their child
Dot commers don't affect migrant farmers
Bronx Bombers get paid enough to help all the baby mamas
I'm a vomit this 'til all the lobbyists in congresses
Keep their promises and the artists are all real artists
And the fathers finish what the fuck they started
Comma comma what the hell do I know
I'm just an MC getting real damn busy on the mic
Getting all up in a tizzy
I might just shutup and brag on how I keep my rhymes tight
Cuz that's what's selling tonight

[Interlude Chorus: Princess Superstar]
You puttin too much weight into words
And there's too much hate in this world

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse Three: Bahamadia]
This vocalized opes got the whole globe upset
Authoritive figures wanna take it outta contents
Freedom of speech but choppin off this nonsense
I expose the truth to hate whoever wants it?
Life experiences in put into deliverel contents
Sometimes it's negative and sometimes it positive
Bare my soul like it were a sacrificial offering
Stealing off the label that's escapable regardless
Chested artists and the world I play a part in
Makin it harden, how many hearts are made of hearten?

[Chorus x2]

[Music plays til fade]

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