PRIME SUSPECTS - Last Days Lyrics

(feat. Mac, Mr. Serv-On)

[Mr. Serv-On]
Niggas realize we all livin in our last days.
And we all Prime Suspects to the pains of this world.
And just think if you was lookin eye to eye with your killer.
It's your last breath, it's your last cry.

I go all out constantly thankin how to get mine
Everything I do is a hustle, pullin work tryin to get by
Every time I close my eyes
I'm havin nightmares of closed caskets faced down
Thankin is it my time
But got to watch these niggas with the slanted and crooked eyes
Lookin me straight in my face and I know they be jive
But I make moves like a chess play yall then I handles mine
I'm pressure stress to the fullest, but only the smart survive
Can I maintian, or will my mama see my name enscribed
Losin all my faith, chase one bag and weed
That felt in my ear claimin she can show me a better day
That's why I'm boxin with the devil, that's why I'm totin the AK
That's why I'm peepin through my window every motherfuckin day
The final chapter wanna write me away
But it ain't goin be that easy, I'm livin out my own play
I'm hollerin right, left, never goin astray

Now why I'm peepin through my window
These last days got me sleepin in my steel toes
But I gotta survive, hollerin how much time
Till I'm just another memory, my name enscribed [x2]

[New Nine]
I heard a ghetto child cryin tonight
Sayin Lord don't let that killer nigga take my life
But the reaper breathe death and he came to visit
Layin shaking with his bacon, hot fry to the finish
Babies dying, mama's crying, yellow tapes around the scenes
The last day's right before us so I run and catch my neice
Paranoid with my gun, thinkin I could be next
Trust in a few, niggas blastin at me to rest

Now see that drama that I'm bringin, half of these niggas can't even touch
Now see these last days and times, they got a nigga mind fucked up
But I gotta maintain and keep my composure
That's why I smoke dolja, cause see it's trife down south
They takin it off your shoulders
And bloody bodies just an everyday thang
Motherfuckin consiquences if you hang where I slang
Look it's this thang you get banged
On my block is how we do it
Shit is real these days, use that vest, I'm comin through it
Nigga fuck who mourn, your best bet is to protect your neck
And never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death
There's a constant threat in the N.O.
That's why I'm peepin through my window
That shit is grimy in the gumbo


Check it
These streets is dangerous and life is hard
Murder murder's in my eyes, take it away my Lord
Cause ever since I was a lil nigga
Chasing Nike's and Hilfiger
I never knew one day that I would have to kill nigga
I aint never had shit, I'm straight from the ghetto where niggas are poor
Crack heads are hangin in front of the corner store
Chasin little bitty peices of flow
Everybody wanna be like Master P, tatooes screamin out they bout it
Could yall make a change and be up out the game
I really doubt it doubt it

[Chorus x2]

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