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POOH-MAN (MC POOH) - Fuckin' With Dank (98 Version) Lyrics


Prep man hand me the motherfucking weed man

You don't want none of this bong

[coughing and toking]

This is for '98 word's for fucking with dank you motherfuckers man

I don't know nigga I don't know
How you was able to write fuckin with dank smoking this big ass bong

[Verse 1]

Dank smoke is the interior of my 7 deuce impala
Punch the gas on that ass
And let my glass plex holla
Down to my last blunt but I know where it's at
Hit my nigga Bigzanie get me a fat ass sack
Snatch the eighth it's gonna last me half the day
Sippin on bombay 4 54 out like sideways
I hit J-Eazy cuz easy
What's sup fool?
I am super siding for life you know that's all I do
I am blowing one to the head until I die
Still sippin on martel when my thought gets dry
Smashing bottles on popo's
Throwing up in the funk
Fuckin with dank until I just can't take no more
I got some pussy for the late night I got to get
But I can't get to good I got to smash the bitch
So let me hit the BP
Get the philles fill up my tank
And start up '97 for anther eighth of dank


I ain't doing nothing but puffing
All I want to do is get high
I ain't doing in nothing but puffing

[Verse 2]

I got to her house around 4 nigga feel me
While she was rollin' up a blunt
I was sittin there sippin on some remmy
Victoria's secret was now relived
The nigga sittin on the couch dick hard as hell
Freaky little bitch got up and locked the door
And put on the vcr and lay down on the floor
I am thinkin in my mind man this gonna be fun
She laid back hit the blunt
And started playing with her pearl tongue
She crawled over the couch unzipped my pants
While she was sucking me
She took the remmy out of my hand
The dank and drink get a bitch like this
Check it nigga Pooh-Man the O from the click
I am gonna stay high until I die
Ever bumped a bitch
Hittin highway 5 ever blood in this shit
Smash the gas puff puff pass
'98 nigga and I am back at your ass


I ain't doing nothing but puffing
All I want to do is get high
I ain't doing in nothing but puffing

[Verse 3]

In the east we got 50 at the Foothill
Flat lands nigga be off in Brookville
Old School Red Fenz still got the sack
And some brandy park still way in the back
He's 21st the trumps got it too
Get bad ass sacks when you fuck with the Luniz Crew
89th and beat come up the dirt road
Lets take it out the way to the North Pole
You should know nigga
I know for sho nigga
Every spot in the town blows nigga
You see I am an Oakland orignal danksta
Ain't fuckin with nothing but baller's g's and gangsta's
See I could go out smoking with zags
Now it's sticky sticky green and phillys by the pack
To all you busta ass nigga's who doubted me
When you buy your next motherfucking sack
Think about me


I ain't doing nothing but puffing
All I want to do is get high
I ain't doing in nothing but puffing


Hey Gino man conclude this shit
This is the last one they get
Fuckin with dank '98 version

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