POOH-MAN (MC POOH) - Fuckin With Dank Lyrics

(feat. Ant Banks)

[Ant] Hey yo Pooh-man get your lyrics together for this next song man
[Pooh] Ant man I gotta fire up this dank first
I ain't fuckin with nothing till I hit the dank
[Ant] Man you stupid motherfucker
[Pooh] Hey kid man, bring me the lighter man, fuck that
Fuck what he talkin about, I fresh to hit the dank
[Ant] Shit, man fuck it, I ain't fuckin with that shit
[Pooh] All my partners out there know what time it is
Fire up that dank, you know what I'm sayin
[Ant] Y'all be fucked, man
[pooh] [smokes]
[ant] Man that shit hella stanks man.
Man y'all be stupid motherfuckers man
[pooh] Yah it stanks but it's cool parnta
[Ant] Fuck that shit
[pooH] Hey lets do this Ant,
fuck what you talkin about lets do this
[ant] Alright fuck it, do it
[pooh] Hey what am I doin?

drop the top, hit the block
beat slammin, man fuck the cops
the drops stayin, sittin on gold kicks
pull to the side and get with a fresh bitch
a young tender, dressed in Guess
a fat booty, and some big ass breasts
her name is Tina, my names Pooh
yeah It's time to fuck man, i thought you knew
Straight to the tail, dick hard as a rock
I'm fiendin for her, i got have that cock
mine dog dank, i'm high as fuck
Time to easyated and straight get sucked
Tina was a young ass freak
Start suckin on my balls and my knees got weak
nutted in the throat she couldn't get with it,
Took it out her mouth and slapped herself with it
It ain't the best i've ever had but baby your good
I can't wait to tell the boys in the hood
It's time to take her home, her pussy stanks
But you can't smell it when your fuckin wit dank

Fuckin wit dank, fucking wit dank, fuckin wit dank.
(yah babyi tell ya)
Fuckin wit dank, fucking wit dank, fuckin wit dank.
(with ant banks YO)
Fuckin wit dank, fucking wit dank, fuckin wit dank.
(seven deuce)

[ant] hey pooh kick it

Hopped in the shell, hit the spot
i got the monkeys and i'm fiendin for cock
Thought about a bitch i had around the way
Grabbed her on the phone, "is it cool today?"
Bitch started mumblin, finally said maybe.
let a ho meet a tone, "alright then baby"
Click. Hung up on the freak
Thought about Pinkey this ho from last week
Seems like i'm calling girls from all across the nation
All you girls can be on the administration
Fire up so mo' dank, look some mo'
man i gotta find me a freaky ass ho
I'm tired of a bitch who won't suck dick
I need some head and i mean hella quick
yeahi got it 105th
This bitch named Monesha is a potent shit
But befo' i got, i need gas in my tank
Like a car need petrol
Pooh need dank


[ant] pooh come again boy

Fool snort hop, some snort crack
Fire up the indo and straight kick back
With a bitch, or maybe the fellas
Oh what a feelin, Yeah man i tell ya
George, Jon Jon, the whole damn crew
Fire up the dank for MC Pooh
To the partners from the park Joe Ray and Budd
Indo's the shit man where's the bud?
Seminary, dat and wang
Choke it or smoke it man, it ain't no thang
98th and Walnut, where's the dank?
I'm gonna smoke this shit until my damn breath stanks
Hub, Glen, Shawn and Beave
I ain't talking man, unless you got weed
Ron, Boo, my homeboy frog
Old school partnas from juvenile hall
I got the gin and juice, and gas in my tank
But the day ain't shit without an ace of dank


[Ant Banks]
Hey yo Pooh, Pass the dank, the gin and the juice
So i can get loose and produce
Some gansta shit and Ant Banks'll get fucked up
and make your shit sound legit
So get with this hit that your listening to
I made it bitch and it's gettin you
Into the mood, you wanna suck my dick
You know it bitch, and get wit it
Wet dem lips and you better be great
serve my dick like a motha fuckin waitress
And that's word to the motha
From a brotha with a big ass dick bitch anotha
It has been made, by bad ass anthony banks
MC Pooh and the Deuce and big Bruce comin through straight

[Chorus: repeat to end]

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