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Plies - Pussy Ass Nigga Lyrics

Keep Talkin Dawg,U Gon Make Me Rob Yo Pussy Ass,Ain Gon Wack U Fuck Nigga Only Want Cha Cash,U Lame Den A Bitch Ole Soft Ass,Keep Talkin U Gon Make Me Rob Yo Pussy Ass

[Verse 1:]
U A Fuck Nigga And Err Body Kno U Soft,Niggas Done Bent Cha Up 100 Times Damn U Soft,U A Professional Talker All U Do Is Talk,U Kno How Ta Act Like U Bout It U Aint Never Got Off,Get A Couple Fuck Niggas Round Ya And U Try To Floss,Nigga Catch It By Ya Self And U Act Lost,Soon Ass I Catch U Flaggin Ima Break Ya Off,Dont Care If Its In The Broad Day Or In The Dark,

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
It Dnt Take A Nigga Shit To Jump In That Monkey Suit, And Drop That Ski Down And Make That Choppa Do Wut It Do,U See A Nigga Joggin Wit Dem Cannons Dont Act Stupid,U Fuck Round And Panic And Buck If Ya Want To,And Ima Let All Hundred Of Dese Hollow Points Loose,Cuz Real Goons Dont Talk Real Goons Shoot,Keep Runnin Ima Bust Ya MuthaFuckin Head,Since U Wanna Play Like U Thuggin Ima Make U Red,And Fill Ya Lil Soft Pussy Ass Up Wit Lead,U Dont Hang Out Late Night Pussy You Scared,But U Get Round Dem Hoes And Try Ta Talk Big,U Just 1 Fuck Nigga Dawg I Gotta Get

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Ole Pussy Ass Nigga Dawg U Aint Spose To Be Out Chea,U Spose To Be On Tha Porch Where U Been The Last 10 Years,U Think U Is Nigga But U Aint In Da Clear,Make U Think Shit Sweet To Get Ya Out Chea,Soon As U Think Shit Gravy Get Cha Ass Flipped,Im Tryna Putcha In The Newspaper Off The Rip,That Fakin Like U Tough Done Got A Lot Of Niggas Killed,And How The Fuck Niggas Be The Ones Wit The Most Lip,U Wanna Be Bout It Dawg But Dat Aint How Ya Built,A Nigga Slapped Ya Wit Da Pistol Dawg And Ya Dipped, Plies Dawg Me And You Aint Cut From The Same Quilt,It Aint Gon Take Nun But One Time For U Ta Slip And Ima Max Ya Ass Out Wit Da Whole Clip, I Wanna Run Down On Ya Wen Ya Witcha Dawgs,Run Up On Ya Ass N Giv It On All Yall,Yall Ready Kno Wut Im Bout U Kno How Im Rockin Dawg

[Chorus: Till End]

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2012-03-19 17:12:39 by anonymous
i like the fact that he is being open on the topic. im sure if it was real he'd be the type of dude to man up though. but lttorfunaneuy not a lot of dudes do really feel the way he put it in this song. just can never understand how someone can make a baby be uncertain about the consequences of their seed. dude is talented im not taking anything away from him @DshankumMusic