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Paris - Mellow Madness Lyrics

As I flow, into the rhyme much smoother
I keep the pace and add bass for you to
be able to experience the strength of GOD
On your tape with a break that I make to part
the weak-kneed hippie MC's and wannabees
from the Dog, so they can't see me
I'm movin swifter with the gift to lift ya
I don't step light, I don't talk shit
You suckers are all in, to try is suicide
I roll with the flow cause I'm qualified
to keep the peace and teach y'all to get along
Build my rep and step to the song
From jazz to hip-hop the Dog'll never stop
Get busy to the melodies that I concoct
When the raps are spit the grits stack like bricks
And you're please to receive P's hip-hop fix..
.. on the jazz tip
.. smoother and smoother
.. and you don't stop

It's a mellow madness in the summer time
Females outside, enjoyin the sunshine
Kickin it live with the knob on ten
Good food and the mood is the peace my friend
Much brotherhood because it's understood
that everyone in the sun is about the good
lifestyle, and while some came to shine
don't matter cause the other brothers know the time
I'm the P, D-O-G and I'm swift
Son of Shabazz, shooter of the gift
To keep y'all steppin to the beat in real time
Mad on the mix complimentin the rhyme
with oh so smooth cuts flowin like mercury
Keeps you suckers knowin that you'll never be SERVIN me
I don't sleep and I do not sing
I drop math in your path cause I have to bring
you on a jazz tip .. yeah
.. so smooth in the summer time
.. DJ Mad Mike y'all

[Mad Mike cuts and scratches]

.. smooth

Birth is given to the knowledge when I recite
smooth words that keep y'all hype
Not down with the meaningless babble that some spit
I'm paid to degrade that ignorant shit
With the so proud so strong message of the [?]
can't be dropped or stopped so don't come
with the intent to present a argument
I don't tolerate it, so don't act dumb
I'ma roll, over those who oppose
the speech when I teach y'all to reach your goal
Be strong and carry on and play the song
And listen to the lyrics and you'll never go wrong
Asalaam alaikum, brothers I'ma take 'em
straight through the path that I'm makin
And co-exist in bliss peace and righteousness
So smooth on a jazzy tip like this
.. yeah
.. and you don't stop

.. peace

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