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Paris - Panther Power Lyrics

"So the concept is this, basically.
The whole black nation has to be put together as a BLACK ARMY.
And we gon' walk on this nation, we gon' walk on this racist
power structure, and we gon' say to the whole damn government -
We come for what's ours."

Yo black it's time to set stage and guidelines
10 point program, freeze the genocide
Round the posse to protect the people and
regulate and keep straight the man
Clear the way for P-Dog the militant
Made to steer and care for the indigent
Power to the people is a serious concept
Panthers prowl when I say to step
Pigs today'll end up like frey
Like Hutton I'm never lettin 'em get in my way (word)
"Soul on Ice," what I won't be played like
Pigs and house nigs are set in my sight
Cock the gat, for P the pro-black
On to harm and alarmed at the format
News goin out to a racist cop
The first mother{fucker} steps up gets shot
This is Panther Power

[scratched x3: "power for the hour"]
"Panther Power, you can feel it, get pumped"
[scratched x3: "power for the hour"]
"Panther Power, you can feel it, get pumped"

Now hear the growl, I'm proud to be black
Built to step up and not to step back
Too full grown to allow a gay move
Step to the dog and I show and prove
Ten point program jams that flow and
pigs end belly up, stopped in motion
Who's more brutal than a panther unleashed?
Paris, made to keep the peace
Some duck style when I come inside
Bougies'll pray I get played and fried
But I'm too smart to start with the cold feet
No-Doz shows, the P don't sleep
Comin to the place all in your cave when
Panther Power protects the citizen
Come on, step for the movement
DJ Mad, hit 'em with that Panther Power

[Chorus: w/ minor variations]

[police radio plays for a bit]

Now, who that thought they could stop
the crown chief leader of the movement, watch
When I say build, I mean come correct black
cause I see straight and I don't play tag
Step to this and end up like Axl
Devils all and P-Dog attacks ya
Panther Power keeps punks from runnin up
Play the front and you might get stomped
Witness this, the original man
Made of earth, cream of the motherland
Black and strong and not down to half-step
Piece is kept, police are ripped
P don't plea, it's a new direction
Strength and unity, peace, protection
One for Huey and the movement won't die
And the strong survive, the Panther Power


[siren in the background of the Chorus]

[police radio, mixed with sounds of a panther growling]

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