Cry Murder - Cut Out Lyrics

Know the sin, disengage within. Turn
over and play the cards we've dealt, as
another day is sentenced to death. Rise
above or become a hopeless survivour,
treading water for the slaughter.

No debate, our past is made. Once again
second rate will fade. Second rate will

Consumed and controlled, by hurt and
hardship - don't let another day be
sentenced to death.

Cos we're cut out, cut to doubt. We may
try to cut out what we feel. Though we're
cut to doubt what is real, we feel.

Renew from restraint, condemned by
complaint, cos fate's a fine dotted line.
Cos we may try to cutout what is real,
I won't let my doubt control the way I
feel. We may try, to cut out what we feel
thought it is real. Cut out our doubt.

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