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LOS MARIJUANOS - Wicked Psychodrama Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Psychodrama]
Wicked Wicked Psycho drama (You don't understand)
Got the guns and clips and Marijuana
(I ain't scared of you mother fuckers)

[Pony Boy]
You don't understand me and Psy got the master plan
Smoking out the whole Chicago gang land
This is dedicated to my peoples and my folks (folks)
Taking big tokes (tokes)
For 45 cokes (cokes)
Blasting mother fuckers as they come down the gang way
Marijuanos Psycho we don't play
Smoke a bitch nigga like I smoke me a blunt
Here we go on the puto hunt
Shaking 'em up (what) breaking 'em up (what)
breaking 'em up (what) breaking 'em up
You know the time (time) you feel my rhyme (rhyme)
Lemon lime (lime) smell like pine (pine) In the park (park)
We Triple Dark (Dark) Smoking out kill a nark
Coming hardcore from Indiana to Shy
Sure enough I gets a piece of the pie


Psy don't like no bitch ass niggaz get that money get them figures
Psy don't like no bitch ass niggaz
Psy don't like no... And I don't like
Situations heard psychodramas off the map
It anit like dat cross fires got me back
In the Phatillac down south breaking the slaps
Napping on the fucking bull horn mashing the gas'n
Psy gonna rap cause I'm wicked wicked
Kick this rip gun shit and I steal em
Double R-N 2000 I'm gonna get 'em and
I stick up the holster when I'm in it cause
Psychodrama los Marijuanos making ya feeling
Pop ah peeling
H-Town Make-ah Make-ah
I be clubbing psy-town gang banging
Money Thugging


[Psychodrama 2]
Judging da peep-o
Labeling me wicked because I'm Eve-o
Taking you to a level that you never believed yo
We throw fits that will spit yo shit
Gang banging it's clanging the came glock grip
(Glocks and clips) Because the nigga flippin lip
(Cock and spit) So that he won't keep talking shit
(Pop the bitch) for all da arguments
I'm in da house mopping and squashing this vent
Gon' Watch what ya get
Out of control explode N put a hole in the soul of the bitch
Mark with vengeance
Pack'n a chrome it's own, I'm in the zone yo dome fixing to get bite
See I'm psycho That's why I'm so ignite
Bringing drama because I'm so wicked
Viscous, who ripped it and left no witness
Direct and did this
And handled there bitness... Bitch


You don't understand, I anit scared of you mother fuckers

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