LOS MARIJUANOS - Mi Carnal Lyrics

(feat. Claudia)

[pony boy talking]
ay padre nuestro celestial
diosito why did you have to take my homie?
why did you have to take my homie man?!
I don't understand you hear me?!
I don't understand!!

[pony boy]
Rest in peace mi carnal
Yo se que cosas fueron mal
I know we were bad
Shit is fucking sad
Why did you have to leave so fast?
I thought you was last
A little somethin' somethin' from the past
Memories of how we used to hang out
bang out
No doubt we had clout
We used to get drunk toghether,
fight toghether,
flame toghether,
homies forever
But then we split apart.
I had a family to start
But you was still in my heart
Understand entiende I had to leave with my gente
I'll tell you something you were in my mente
I see you here and there gave a hug
for a slug
I always gave love to my dog now you're gone
I'm left to talk to a stone alone
I wish I have known.
Damn I start to cry
'cause we never said goodbye
I hope you forgive
and let me live
para siempre.I'll always remember...mi carnal

Ooh it's all right.
Mi carnal.
I think about you every day and night
I'ts all right oh yea

[pony boy]
I reminise in on the good times
pour out a little liquor
Drink a couple 40's & hope the sadness moves
I try to ? myself as just a dream
but it's the truth it's real we lost 1 of our team
How could it be?
Only the lord really knows
I suppose
another question that's what he chose
So respect and just let it be
but a brother like me can't see
I cruise through the hood
shit ain't the same
still fucked up it's a goddamn shame
I start the cappin for the rappin
instead of mappin,
I'm making muthafucking shit happen
Gracias a dios
I wish you was here to share
'cause a brother like me I care
miss you much
para siempre...mi carnal


[pony boy]
when I die bury me deep
with ??? across my feet
Lay my shotguns across my chest,
and tell my homies I did my best
But don't you worry don't you cry,
'cause once a homie you never die
this is dedicated to all my homies that passed away.rest in peace
Talkin bout peep game listen to this
now this is a story that you don't wanna miss
it's all about your friends
Homies forever true to the end
Latin brothers
fuck all the others
total respect for each other's mothers
You know that's what we do
that's what got you through
Showing out homie thought you knew
If it's trouble that we cause
wanna start some shit 'cause we bust
Cap peeling
muthafuckers feelin'
alot of brothers die knowin that we dealin
'till the one day my boy got shot
as he layed in my arms in the lot
I said don't speak
he said his last goodbye
I shed a tear as I looked in the sky
Dios mio let him live
'cause he has so much to give
In front of my eyes my homeboy died
no no no

[pony boy talkin]
remember your home boys and home girls that
passed away.......Rest in peace
R.I.P to my homie Roberto Carmona
R.I.P to my homie Angel D
R.I.P to my cousin baby Jack Zambrana
R.I.P to my cousin Miranda Guerra
Uh ani't nuthin but crooks up in here
this is for all the fallen soldiers
I'ma smoke this one for you

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