Lloyd Banks - Freestyle Lyrics

[Whoo Kid:]
Mo Money In The Bank Part 2

[Lloyd Banks:]
Yeah nigga ya'll know who it is
Lloyd Banks (Uh huh)
G Unit (Uh huh)
Tony Yayo (Uh huh)
Young Buck (Uh huh)
50 Cent (Uh huh)
Gorilla nigga

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Stop wastin' ya day puttin' ya time and energy into me
You got options join the army be all you can be
Cause, Its startin' to show and everybody can see
Ya envy
The team of the century
It tempts me
And, its like I got to find my way into something
I play the block like Mayo, Matumbo, David and Duncan
Armored truck system ravin' and thumpin'
Purple haze makes me able to function
I don't punch in
I might be seen in Nevada
With a Pina Collada
Shorty fiendin' to swallow
She with me in her Prada
I die for a bill believe in a dollar
For the chips anyone gets it, even Estrada
I'm ready for the drama
We heavy with them Llamas
Shells straight through your pajamas
Turn your bellys to lasanga
I'm startin' to get bored stretched out on the recliner
You a little fish in the ocean and guess whos the Piranha (who)
We slide with them models
Outside with them hollows
Beside of the Tahoes
Providin' McDonald's
I got shows out in Germany surrounded by Nazis
Yankee fitted cap on leather Herachee
Duckin' the paparazzi
Well fuck 'em you got to watch me
Its nothin' for a cop to stop me
Hand cuff me and try to lock me
You shouldn't have dropped so soon baby ya timings sloppy
Dog, I brighten up a room, i'm kind of rocky
Appealing to the OGs the teens like him
Every line is a punch, I should be a part of Team Tyson
Pay back is in my nature
Therefore I got a shit list, longer than a roll of toilet paper
Every hood got a snitch a nigga claim he holdin' green
A classmate thats a fiend
And a radio I need
A project barbie and a pump thats out the vale
A little girl with a baby and a uncle thats in jail
Yeah I make records but I ain't the one bee
Which means if you take a shot at me you take shots from me
Last nigga that said he had the bank stop stunned me
Cause he still in the hood and his tanktop hungry

[Lloyd Banks:]
Yeah I'm havin' fun with this man
This shit is not work
This is what I do on my day off

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