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H.A.W.K - Leave Us Alone Lyrics

(feat. Lil O, Tiny-T)

[Chorus x2]
All, you fake ass hoes
Y'all need to leave, leave me alone

You hoes out there still playin games
You niggas let'em do it so yo ass to blame
When it gets out of hand you want to kill a bitch
Long time ago should have stopped the shit
She give you some pussy and you let her slid
Run more game give her the keys to the ride
She picked a nigga up
Sucked a nigga nuts
I came in her mouth cause I don't give a fuck
A bitch like that can't mess with me
Peep game off the top it's the Tiny-T
Fake ass hoes, I spot them quick, break they ass, and feed them dick
Other than that they don't get shit
Man I can't stand no messy bitch
Fucking up my high when I'm in my zone
Fake ass hoes please leave me alone
Leave me alone, leave me alone, fake ass hoes please leave me alone
Better leave me alone
Cock suckin bitches better leave me alone

[Chorus x2]

I make hoes, and break hoes, and take all they pecos
Fake hoes I hate those, I do my best to shake those
Hey trick, yea you bitch, shut-up and eat dick
No bra and fake tits and still waiting on W.I.C
Y'all, better leave me alone and listen to the words that I say in this song
Fake ass hoes get nothing from me
Not one red C-E-N-T
And if you think you gone get some cash
I got a trick for your ugly ass
And if you want a piece of H-A-W-K
Pull out your pocketbook you gots to pay
And all I want from you is a little head
Suck a nigga dry and get the hell out my bed
Cause fake hoes with fake hair, Coogie all on wellfair
Sit your ass down somewhere
Cause real playas don't care.

[Chorus x2]

[Lil O]
Hey I see you over there baby lickin your lips
I'm diging your hips
Looking like chicken, watermelon,and grits
I want to hit but you still won't tell me shit
Cause you only wanna holla cause you know I got some chips
But guess what I ain't shit either
I'm just trying to find out if you a dick eater
I ain't even gonna lie try to mislead ya
Baby girl after Lil O nut I'm gone scratch like a swift cheater
I'll holla, you broke as hell
You don't cook, you don't clean, mama what the hell
No job, crib looking like a roach motel
Hey holla at me later I'm with my gal
Another words you get no green
I tell you that I'm broke, but everytime you see Lil O, I'm so clean
I'm a nice guy by no means
I got these broads talking bout, girl Lil O is so mean

[Chorus x4]

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