H.A.W.K - Cheddar Lyrics

(feat. 3-2, Big Pokey, Clay-Doe)

[Hook: Big Pokey]
Cheddar, cheddar
Makes things better, (get your paper mayn)
Cheddar, cheddar
Makes things better, (get your paper mayn)
Cheddar, cheddar
Makes things better, (get your paper mayn)
Cheddar, cheddar
Makes things better, (we having lavish things)

[Mr. 3-2:]
Cheddar, scrilla cream
I got's to go get it playboy, by all means
Got killas on my team, that'll get with you for a price
In less than 24 hours, your body'll be on ice
This dirty game ain't nothing nice, don't let it jack knife own ya
I'm knocking on boys do's for my feddy, I'ma warn ya
From Texas to California, we bleeding in the state
Big weight, c.d.'s and tapes for six figga papes
Cheddar, it makes things better
Got me sitting in a five room house, on big leather
Gucci sweater, glocks and barettas it's gravy
Ain't nothing but God, and the root of all evil that can save me
Now feel this platinum shit baby, hungry for the payroll
We want points and publishing, and cheddar out the do'
Mo' money mo', gotta have it gotta grab it
Cause living lavish is a habit, as I expose my karats baby


[Clay Doe:]
Now I remember, since spaghetti and Cheerios
I always been a youngster, out risking it for the do'
For every buck I made, I wanted a couple mo'
But now I keep it coming, and run it at a constant flow
Together nigga, we get this green forever nigga
Together nigga, we buying off McGregor nigga
Whether you 9 to 5, or you slang barettas
Cheddar, nigga always gonna make shit better
Whoever you are, or whoever you be
You better keep your hands, up on you some currency
For the loot I shoot, to execute avoid cases
Me and my aces leaving spaces, up in niggaz faces
Murder after murder, we out with no traces
To protect mine if I have to, I do it on a daily basis
Take it from Clay Day, Laf Tex the go-getter
C-O braniac, with a payday about cheddar


On the streets of Texas, we mob like goodfellas
Blades chop like propellers, on these tapes for cheddar
Haters get jealous, or a bit over zealous
As they ply with the FED's, on schemes and try to nail us
Pops tried to tell us, but we fail to listen
My subtraction and addition, told me some'ing was missing
So I flipped the script, for the cheddar to chips
To straight the whip, the pale to sip I'm fully equipped
Now on the ship, from the feddy the cream
The cheddar the green, my motto was by all means
I flooded the scene, confiscating amphetamines
As I devised a scheme, to try to spread my wings
Lavish things, limousines loaded with screens
Gone playas a team, watching pinky rings
On a chase for cream, with my loaded baretta
My urge to splurge, got me on this chase for cheddar


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