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GUN CITY - We Duez It Big Lyrics

Big, because it's recording loc
Oh boy, oh boy, you say you want to grow up to be as big as me
It ain't nothing but grown men up in here, it's on, oh boy

We duez it big [x8]

Now you'd never be as big as me, stop trying
All you flees and flies get sprayed with ?
I'm humoungus, the milimeter I'm the dungeon
Rap be running, some cats before they saying something
Enormous, obese, blessed with major folks too
Fat, big, heavy weighted top knotch making major moves
Pocket size, ring that has the big top
Big is how we do it popping collars and it won't stop

[Chorus: x8]

Enormously, how could it be, larger than life
Off in the club thorugh the streets, we living it trife
Big top with big choppers, like circus tents
A mob, not an inch, get your pound just to get bent
Crack a fifth, while you at it, you make a dollar
Get crunk, watch them follow, all holla
So boss up, talk something, get tossed up
Stay flawless, Gun City, it's locked up

Young black boy, ha, you didn't know
Fuck around with the Gun City we 2-3-1-0
We flip wigs, partner, we duez it big
How you pop your collar, partner, we duez it big
The world beats, player, we gaining weight
A half of side of beef on a platinum plate
Iced down, fat like a till of the hun
Like a wrist cut, we'll have a nigga done

[Chorus: x24]

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