The Game - My Turn Lyrics

Ay yo homie, I'm number one mothafucka (fuck you)
The Doctor's Advocate nigga (fuck you)
Get used to it man
Can't get rid of me bitch

You niggas had a chance and this shit is over
It's my turn, my turn, my turn, my turn
Don't get mad at me 'cause i kept it rollin'
It's my turn, my turn, my turn, my turn
24 loren hearts on that '06 rover
It's my turn, my turn, my turn, my turn
Let the sunroof back and i keep on coastin'
It's my turn, my turn, my turn, my turn

[Verse 1:]
I can hear niggas talkin', whisperin' in the dark
They're like dogs with no bark when I pull over and park
And them guns start to spark and them bullets find they mark
Niggas outlined chalk, and I speak from the heart
When I say that I kill you it's simple and plain
Don't say shit about Dre, and don't mention The Game
This industry is fake, and I can't understand how a grown-ass man
Sent a bitch to the pen, had a snitch on the stand
He a bitch like his man, eat a dick for a grand
Eminem call his stand, I'ma say it again
If i had one more chance, i will break all his ribs with my bare fucking hands
I'm a gangsta on fire, now ain't you a liar, you ain't got no pride
Is a snitch and a liar
Your fan base know that your gangsta is dying
And i won't stop 'till that wanksta retire (I'm going)


[Verse 2:]
These rap niggas hate, and they smile in my face
You rabbit niggas mad 'cause the turtle won the race
And the radio debate, what the fuck they gon play
All the hot shit is my shit, they take what i say
Play scrabble with my words, bring it on the front page
And they gon find a picture of 50 and Game
Say it's East vs. West, New York and L.A.
Since i don't botton up, now i'm beefin' with Jay
Apologize in seconds, you niggas is reckless
You're not gonna pay me to beef with a legend
My pride, i protect it, these streets, i respect it
I'm not tryna replace Pac so accept
After 5 million records, the Dr. Dre lectures
And 3 world tours, West Coast reserrected
Won 4 of the group 'till my help was rejected
And I felt abandoned so i threw away my necklace!


[Verse 3:]
After 20 magazines, and a couple awards
I can close my first chapter, put my plaques on the walls
To the top of the billboard, who ever knew
I would sell more than Destiny's Child and U2
Or do a song with Busta, go neck to neck with Usher
Went gold in a week, i'm a bad mothafucka
This gangsta disciple and this vice lord shit
Brown Pride, Latin King, this Blood, this is Crip
Hit the Impala switch, and i keep a full clip
For any nigga sayin' that i fucked his bitch
Or changed 'cause i'm rich, sayin' Game used to strip
Niggas wasn't sayin' shit, 'till i came with a hit
Now they wanna see me dead, blood stains in his whip
Take a father from his son, put my name on cement
And after i'm gone, they gon sample my songs
You can burry my bones, but my music lives on!


Ay yo man i don't really give a fuck about this shit 'yall really doin' man
Shit ain't makin' no noise, know what i'm sayin', that shit is bullshit man
Why 'yall niggas tryna fuckin' kill my mothafuckin career man
Shit, ain't gon happen nigga
Not as long as my fuckin' bimley got 22 loren hearts on it nigga
Shit, i be damned nigga, under the black tent like "what!?"
I'm rich Game bitch

Thanks to Nano for correcting these lyrics

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