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Archie Star - I've Got To See About A Girl Lyrics

Feeling insecure or maybe finally just a bit of real life is taking it's place within itself
Days without your voice
Months without your lips
So close to letting go of it
I knew that you meant it before you didn't let yourself hear the truth

Hide under a pillowcase
You can't erase what's happened
They keep laying down and leaving in the morning

Stained my mouth
Get out of bed now or watch me drown
I took the uppers from the drawer
Picked up my head up off the floor
And i can't breathe

Baby, i say fix me
But then you lay me down
I keep it quiet
But you can't keep it down
cause I'm a natural in bed
but i can't get her out my head
and i can't breathe

I'm a sinner
going straight to hell
at least I'm honest
so tell me where's god now?

I thought i was falling apart
i checked that damage and I'm still in tact
I've still got my looks
leave me with that
and leave nothing at the door
just leave this time so i can lock you out

You're burning out like a star
only the good one's guide you home
You were the light, I was lucky just to be your shadow
Lately i can't see you in the dark

You're not so easy to love anymore
I've got all you gave

I'm still empty


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