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Archie Star - Walk on Water To Prove a Point Lyrics

January 30th i finally stepped foot into Seatle
and the rain was coming down like fire as it lit up the night
and blinded our sight as it beat down on the windshield
and for a second i could feel you.

Maybe that's just my eyes getting tired
but i could swear that i could see you
in every rain drop that landed on my tongue.

We're going 80 now, slow down.
The city looks the same even if I'm moving slow.
"Let's go to seatle"
I meant the two of us but I walk this flood alone.
4 a.m. and you're a phone call away

The last digit in your number isn't working on my phone
Maybe it's a sign
Sing myself another line
about how fate works out more than a body builder

I am officialy scared of the person i've become
I've lost myself inside a name
Archie has taken me over
Fingers and Toes
Body and Clothes
The way i talk
the way i think
the way i live with and without....

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