DA HOL 9 - Mandingo Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kaos]
Girl you got Da Hol' 9
You got ya ride wit ya 9 to 5
And you still ain't satisfied
Your mans on a mission, he be trickin
And you sick and tired of him trippin
Wit them same represitions
Keeps you in the kitchen and won't let you go out the house
And he's steady bitchin, about cleanin up the house
But what the hell? damn your name aint Florence
What happened to squeezin the Charmin
What ever happened to Mr. Charmin'
What happened to "I miss you boo
And I appreciate the things you do"
Without you, how the hell could he survive
Without you bein his eyes
Girl I admit it blows highs

[Hook: Kaos]
Girl you need a mandingo
Girl you need some pipe in your life
Need a mandingo
She's the type that likes it all night
Need a mandingo
Go to your mami house like
But you need a mandingo, dingo
Please believe it

[Verse 2: Kaos]
Now whatever happened to goin out, urrday
Fantasizin about him makin yo legs shake
Remember keepin ice on yo tongue
Cuz it was numb, you was sprung
Young and dumb for givin him some
But he had never made you cum
Tellin ya girls "it ain't the same no more"
He's askin you "how does it feel?" like he's D'Angelo
You cant even gets yours off
Cuz when you feel it comin down he done shot off
Mm mm mm (hell nah!)
Now he's goin soft, he ain't the man he used to be
You need to beat down exclusively
Now you don't wanna cheat but damn
You can't even recall the last time, he banged the walls
And had you twistin yo drawers but uh..

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Kemo]
You need a mandingo, someone to feel on up that pink hole
Girl are you single? (uh-uh) I really did not think so
The way you bounce it at the club scene-o
I see you need that circular motion just like a roller rink-o
You need a dolla off in your belly girl
Even though you be an independent woman like that Kelly girl
And Beyonce, if he the entree, if ya mandingo swing along
Like Avan-tay
Strictly physical, all you want is his body
When you see him you be like "why you cant call nobody?"
Cuz the derty represent, the derty left a dent
That's why every time y'all kicked it he ain't never spent
Not a red cent, of his own dough
The only kind to put you in the mind of a gigolo

[Hook x2]

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