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CONSTANT DEVIANTS - Competition Catch Speed Knots Lyrics

[Verse 1]


Yo, I be the top pick of the first draft
Whose raft gets felt when opposed is dealt with dramatically?
It had to be that M.I smooth shit, respect my crew get
whose rep is slept upon, droppin' bombs, feared like Decepticons
That's how it is when you're fuckin' with ex-cons causin' hysteria
I stare at ya, you break out in a cold sweat
I got more wins than the Globetrotters, your flow's nada
I gotcha, East Coast to the end, son
Most MC's run because Mi Uzi Weighs 2 Tons
Who got time for fun? Strategic methods
Thinkin' backwards like dyslexics
I plan my attack while you're makin' records
'cause rap's my fuckin' world, bee
and if I lose you're soon to see World War III
So keep your guard up, you're heart up for this win, son
But over here you won't get one
So chill and play the back seat
I rip mics before I let 'em go like Blackstreet
Pack heat 'cause rappers wanna play big shots
Six shots, Competition Catch Speed Knots...


[DJ Cutt]

Scratch: "Catch the speed knot"

[Verse 2]


I be the one man who conquers kingdoms
on snare drums, bass kicks, styles change like facelifts
I made this more than a hobby, rap's my reality
Hip-Hop culture the galaxy surrounding me
My poetry demonstrates where my mind be at, so don't hesitate
I meditate like Buddhists, who's this? A verbal assault weapon
Discrepancies don't even try to get the best of me
I bring drama from the dick, bee
and simply end MC's careers verbally
You heard of me, M.I.C, just a title, son
CEEDEE's the crew, come try to break through
Do what you gotta do, it ain't as easy as it seem
You wanna feel pain? I get you open like a Crack fiend
Stack green 'cause papes make my blood flow
I'll make your life tense like Death Row
You slept so the nightmare's just begun
My style's like beef, I like it well done
Raw like beef, rare like beef
and if there's any discrepancies I'm punchin' out gold teeth
So step up and take your best shot

[Scratch:] "Catch the speed knot"

[Repeat chorus to fade]

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