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Common - South Side Super Bowl Lyrics

(feat. Kanye West)

It's Common and Kanye West. Super Bowl 41.

Know I know how the soldiers feel cuz this year we went to war down in in Soldier's Field. Back in 85 it was crazy like 06-07 going all the way to heaven.

From the Super Bowl suffle to the Super Bowl hustle hard work and muscle the Bears are bout to bustle,tackles and shackles,the game used to hold, we got two black coaches in the Super Bowl.

We comin from the South,South,South,South,South,South,South,South

In the C-note,from Good Times,Oprah and Black Stones,now we reppin with Urlacher,Briggs and Thomas Jones and im telling you like Jennifer Hudson,Manning get out of the pocket cuz we gon be rushing.

We got the answers for sanders,get free from freeman,believe me Marvin Harrison gonna need a genie,we gonna bring the pain for Reggie Wayne right now,they told me to slow down were playing in his hometown.

Back in 10, Im on the mic and im nasty as grossman,chicago going to get the race just like the postman,xtra points and field goals feelaso a team ya Common and Bears up holding a dream.

Were coming from the South(side),South(side),SOuth(side),South(side),South(side),South(side),South(side),South side of the Chi.

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