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3RD BASS - Sons Of 3rd Bass Lyrics

Here's my advice to all amateurs plannnnnnnning to give a performace:Speak up, and keep the act moving[mc serch]Servin the role, a sole step-childTalk of c.c. or keep sleepinWhile wakin up to noise of 3rd b-a-s-s, bassSuccess is butter for serch's spaceSpoken slang gets played like the lotteryYour lyrics are incorrect, so you step to meLookin for the key to release that first pieceThree times two is six, pete is one-threeI'm the other half, known as the other treyTourin to wild screams, the third son's bornSwarm to the lyrics cause serch is your fatherScreaming hey ladies, why bother? * dj richie rich cuts how can you be so stupid? *[pete nice]Sons, slim ones flee from the 3rdWords, spoken, a silver spoon stuck in the throatYoung useless, lyrically carelessRhyme revolves around modes of mindlessIf everyone spoke of stick-up, it's pick of a beast'Prone to a lick of a wasteTaste the flav' of the originalOrphaned trio, abandoned by lyricalThrough us, the echelon exposed with the roll with no soulCounterfeit style, born sworn and soldOut with high voice distortedIf a beast' to wish play fetus, I'd have him aborted* dj richie rich cuts how can you be so stupid? *[mc serch]Put to bed, three kids to a third trackCap the front and grip, when they heard thatThe crew from the l.q. stepped to the club marsShook the beast' and soon to be dubbed starsStarring roles stone-faced from the brothersLudicrous whining, meaning when the othersStand by em, while they take the fallThe beast' now lives in the capitolRecord wrecks sets, def jam a true wreckerThe label is nothing but mc black'n'deckerThree boys buggin to the a.m.You step to the serch and I slam!* dj richie rich cuts how can you be so stupid? *[pete nice]Negative mind, paid as snakes who can't rhymePlay the dude? it's sucker timeI stand I take a bust in my nutAnd gave birth to three bastard sonsA record label, a king to 4th letterPassin phases, non-legitimate trendsettersPop figures, who figured they'd get paidExploitin art the black man madePlayed out hardcore flaws, step to stageYour biggest fan, nine years of ageBroke out cause the swindler took your ducatNo talent on the tune, you might as well suck it* dj richie rich cuts how can you be so stupid? *[nice] yo serch, you know about that slum I'm speakin on? [serch] word is bond pete, school em![nice] you know about that silver spoon havinBuckshot acne showin, l.a. weak-ass selloutNon-legitimate, tip-doggin, jethro pseudo intellectualDust-smokin, pretty boy playwrite posinFolks wiggin, whinin annoyin def jam reject devilWhite bread no money havin slum village people cloninStep children![serch] sam sever, serve the restYo sam, sc-hool em!He is stupid, but he knows that he is stupidAnd that, almost makes him smart.. let's listen* dj richie rich cuts let's listen *

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