BRAINZ DAVIS - Spillin My Guts Lyrics

[Intro: Brainz Davis]
This right here man, I need y'all to open your ears
Kick ya feet up, getcha drinks, light ya a smoke, whatever you wanna do
But I know you been wonderin where a nigga been at for a while
I've been at the lab puttin shit down but..
The first time a nigga came out, a nigga went
through some shit, knowhatI'msayin? And I want y'all to check this out
Here go the whole story, listen...listen

Man I was quickly introduced to the - gaaaame
Before I even knew the ins and outs appears in the - gaaaame
Before I even knew that fame would bring a shitload of - paaaain
from tryna manipulate ya brain and squeezin juice out ya - naaaame
I'll take y'all back in the beginning when I steeped out the - PLAAAANE
Surprised eyes big as fuck man like a fiend on some - 'caaaaine
I had a little bit to loose but a whole lot to - gaaaain
Especially wit this nigga Biv say he my right-hand - MAAAAYNE!
He gave me dap, welcomed me in and then we hit baggage - claaaaim
and then we jumped off in the ride and started dippin some - laaaanes
Man as we hit a couple blocks I'm seein Hollywood, shit! This that
city with them women that be on Soul - Traaaain
So then we pulled up at the hotel, gave the valet the - Raaaange
Ay y'all I'm stayin in the hotel filled wit stars it's so - straaaange
like this is finally the chance to get my fam out the - raaaain
Aiyyo this all sound good, but it don't all stay the - saaaame

I got a whole lotta shit on my chest, so man I'm spillin my guts
[breathing] (IN-HALE) Ay dog, I'm lettin it out
I had a whole lotta time to rest, so yes I'm spillin my guts
[breathing] (EX-HALE) Ay dog I'm lettin it out
And you the one to blame for taking the change so man I'm spillin' my guts
[breathing] (IN-HALE) Ay dog, I'm lettin it out
Because of you my first lesson in the game so I'm spillin my guts
[breathing] (EX-HALE) Ay dog, I'm lettin it ouuuut

So then we kicked it to the mall for some - cloooothes
and spend a couple digit thou's and niggaz strikin the - poooose
Ay ya'll I finally got my break and get the lead out the - floooows
To my surprise it's Biv's direction just the way that it - gooooes
I can't complain cause I was robbed just missin jailhouse - dooooughs
He knocked the kinks up off the nigga, turned a weed to a - roooolls
So we recorded "Oochie Coochie" one of my first vide-oooos
And then we tried it on Apollo just to see if it - groooows
I got a, standing ovation, one of my best damn - shoooows
I just introduced myself to the world, I gotta stay on my - tooooes
So then the label called Mike, but they was speechless and - froooozed
They needed an album in 30 days, I'm like in three studi-oooos
I bang it out man I keep droppin poppin plenty, no - dooooopes
to keep an eye on what I'm writin, 'nother eye on my - fooooes
I'm sixteen but I ain't sweet, I'm heated, 'xpected to - bloooow
I'm tryna get used to this new style, it ain't the same as be-foooore


The album drops, I'm bustin sweats in the - liiiights
and every city that I go, I'm known to get the crowd - hyyyype
Yo let me tell y'all what was dealt and what I felt wah'n't - riiiight
I'm bustin ass and makin cash but it ain't none in my - siiiight
Oh yeah, he gave me peanuts just so he could
and I was open for this shit cause he was changin my - liiiife
I mean I signed my contract when I was fresh off the - miiiic
Off at the lab with no attorney - that was fucked up, Mike
You was my label and my manager - that's fucked up, Mike
And yo that publishing you took - man that was fucked up, Mike!
But it's cool, cause I do this just like I'm ridin a - biiiike
and goin through that shit with you was just a part of my - fiiiight
I usta have you in my dreams when I was sleep in the - NIIIIGHT
Man you was runnin lookin scared 'cause I was clutchin my - piiiipe
But then I shake it off and wake up, everything be al-riiiiight
You gotta answer for them scenes when you takin ya - fliiiight


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