Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - So Good, So Right Lyrics

(feat. Felecia)

[Krayzie Bone:]
Yo...I think it's really time we let these niggas what's going on with Bone Thugs man (thugs man)...

[Intro: Felecia & Krayzie Bone]
(Yeeeaah!) 'Cause they don't know, they don't know, they don't know (What we been goin' through)
They don't know, they don't know, they don't know (just where we headin' to)
They don't know, they don't know, they don't know (come follow me now!)

[Krayzie Bone:]
They all wanna know if Bone Thugs are the same
'cause one of us left, but four of us remain in this thang
And we like "just pick up the album man" and I bet they refrain, from all of their claims
You know that we still the shit...hey, hey
Light it up (light it up) I feel good (I feel good), nigga from my vibe I feel good all over
Been through rough times and they been mighty hard (mighty hard)
(ridin' in the dark) to look for the light and find my spot, I climbed so far
Them haters was tryna bring me on down (bring me on down), but really nobody can stop us with everything we know now
We sucker free, we see underneath all you fake thugs
From all these wack rappers we've come back to save ya
Man all you back stabbers never ever fade us
Man I'm so glad we back in action...nigga say what?!?

[Chorus: Felecia & Krayzie Bone]
So good, so right (It feel really, really good to get this money man)
To be with you tonight...

[Layzie Bone:]
Who would've imagined so many problems? even the karma
I must admit, if it's so many crazy shit then it's still on my mind (of love?), furthermore
Shit hurt, Bone Brothers; did it with Bizzy,
Suppose to be a new beginning but I'm screamin' out "Where is he?!"
Yes I miss him (how could I not?) when I know Bone is all he got
One day we might get it together...fulfill the whole plot
I aint gotta mention how I feel about that other thug, Flesh Bone here you go..some lock-down-love
You know what really make me feel good?
Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone really keep it all hood
That's right...we still pursuing our dream, it aint no 'I' in our team, that's why we doin' our thang
We getting money,, money..


[Wish Bone:]
They used to look and see a thug, now they look and see a paid thug
First niggas find and make this paper through the neighborhood
Yes we blessed, we know this
So I drop to my knees and let him know who we rollin with
Everynight..make money, watch paper...grind now, fuck later
If you miss it gotta battle back
Get that, money money, need that, gimmie some i'll take that
Since a youngster knew about them green backs
'Cause it ain't 4 in the money, fuck what they sayin' chase money
Do without it, live without it...I cant do that
Live life, I like..I need every penny
And these times, this life, better give it to me, to me...


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